VENTURER Economic Impact Briefing

We recently commissioned an Economic Impact Assessment of the VENTURER project to help us assess the scale of direct and indirect impacts, identify global market trends, determine the region’s strengths, estimate the aggregate economic impacts achieved (and potential for the future), and to make recommendations for business support intervention activity where needed.

The assessment can be viewed via the link below and includes an overview of the project, a summary of findings presented as a SWOT analysis, plus information on economic impacts achieved to date, potential economic impacts, specific economic impacts of sector growth, and potential impacts across the local and regional area.

The report’s conclusions acknowledge that the number of new jobs created to date is modest, however it recognises that the project has achieved a wide range of foundational benefits, and has improved partnership working between the region’s higher education institutions, industry and local authorities within the CAV sphere. It also recommends that if a legacy company is established to market new technologies and IP gained, it would be a vital vehicle for realising job creation targets.

Click here to download a copy of the Venturer EI briefing note