What has VENTURER planned for 2017?

Following the successful completion of Trial 1 in October 2016, the New Year is set to continue with more exciting developments for VENTURER.

Early 2017 – Trial 1 Results

The findings from Trial 1 will be published on our website and via academic journals and publications in early 2017. Trial 1 focused on driver performance during the handover process – when control of the vehicle is transferred from autonomous control to manual control in an urban environment. This considers understanding the important transition phase between semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous vehicles. Handover may be required when the vehicle is unable to operate autonomously for example, when the vehicle enters an area that is not equipped to support CAVs.
The findings from this first trial will help address some of the complex questions surrounding the handover process. Other articles documenting the success of Trial 1 will be available on the VENTURER website, along with the Trial 1 video.

Spring 2017 – Trial 2

Planning for VENTURER’s second trial is already underway and testing is due to commence in spring with completion scheduled for summer 2017. Trial 2 will demonstrate how an autonomous vehicle interacts with another road user and at junctions. During the trial the vehicle, sensors, decision making algorithms and communications software and hardware will all be tested and evaluated. Participant’s views will be captured in order to form an understanding of how users feel when the vehicle is navigating the situation in autonomous mode. Testing will occur at the University of the West of England using both the Wildcat (autonomous vehicle) and the VENTURER simulator.

Summer 2017 – POD Demonstrations

2017 will also see VENTURER’s first public demonstrations – POD demonstrations at two public locations in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. This will be an opportunity for the project to further understand the public’s reaction to a driverless POD and also enable members of the public to experience the type of autonomous mobility that might be on offer in the near future. These demonstrations will help build a greater understanding of the complexities and constraints surrounding the introduction of POD-based autonomous mobility services.

Autumn 2017 – Trial 3

By late 2017, planning will be well underway for VENTURER’s third and final trial which will test the interaction between an autonomous vehicle and other road users, this is likely to include buses, pedestrians and cyclists in an urban environment.

Where to find us?

The VENTURER consortium members are looking forward to representing the project at a range of exciting events in 2017 including Venturefest (Bristol) on 3rd February.

For further information about upcoming developments and to read more interesting articles, search through the Publications page on our website and follow us on Twitter (@Venturer-cars).