#VENTURERNextGen Competition!

We are keen to build on the wealth of driverless car expertise in the region by engaging with the leaders of tomorrow. VENTURER wants to educate students about the future possibilities of driverless cars as well as the potential career paths they might be interested in taking within STEM. A number of consortium partners are already involved in a range of STEM activities and are experienced in guiding students. Therefore, we have developed a cross-curricular activity to get students thinking about STEM and the impact it could have on their everyday lives.

The competition:

This competition is designed to engage schools in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire region with innovative projects that are shaping the future of transport in their local area.

The competition is open to those in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. To enter, students must tell us either:

  • What they think children’s journeys to school would look like in 2050; or
  • What kind of vehicles they think will be used in 2050.

The entries can be in any format or style, some examples include:

  • A drawing/painting
  • A short essay
  • A recorded presentation
  • A model

The prizes:

Entries will be shortlisted and then judged by Deputy Directors from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The winning student will receive family tickets (2 adults and 2 children) to We the Curious (https://www.wethecurious.org/) and will have the opportunity to witness a driverless car in action at their school. The runner up and 3rd place will also receive family tickets to We the Curious.

All entries will be submitted into a random prize draw to receive tickets for their school class to visit Aerospace Bristol: The new home of Concorde (http://aerospacebristol.org/) (up to £500 of tickets).

How to enter:

All entries should be sent by post, email or tweet to:

Bella Slawin,

Transportation, Atkins,

500 Park Avenue,

Aztec West,

BS32 4RZ


Or Bella.Slawin@atkinsglobal.com

@Venturer_Cars with the hashtag #VENTURERNextGen


Entries must be received by the 18th May 2018 to be considered. All entries must include a name and details of the relevant school and class.