VENTURER Trial 3 Bus Demonstration

In March, VENTURER undertook an on-road demonstration of a driverless car interacting with a bus. The innovative trial was the first of its kind and took place on Long Mead in South Gloucestershire, a 30mph bus only road that follows the south west perimeter of UWE’s Frenchay campus.

The bus demonstration represented a step change in technical, safety and management challenges due to its location on an open road and the resulting potential for interactions with members of the public and their vehicles.

The success of the demonstration showcases VENTURER’s expertise in delivering safe and innovative real-world tests of a range of connected and autonomous technologies.

The bus demonstration was an aspect of VENTURER’s third and final trial which has been examining a connected and autonomous vehicle’s (CAVs) interactions with other road users including buses, pedestrians and cyclists.

A report summarising the achievements of the Trial 3 Bus Demonstration is available here.

The results of the Trial 3 Participant Experiments, which tested trust in CAV interactions with pedestrians and cyclists, will be launched at VENTURER’s final showcase in June 2018.

You can see the Trial 3 Bus Demonstration and Participant Experiments in action here.