VENTURER launches final film


The VENTURER film tells the story of the innovative £5-million driverless car research and development project, which concluded in June 2018, and how it explored the future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in the UK.

VENTURER was delivered in collaboration by a consortium of large and small businesses, universities and local authorities, which worked together for three years to conduct a series of trials and studies which consistently had the user at their heart.

The rich breadth and depth of experience represented by the consortium enabled the project to take a uniquely multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to its exploration of the barriers to the adoption of CAVs in the UK and how best they could be overcome.

Watch our final project film to find out more about:

  • VENTURER’s three core focus areas of the safe trialling and testing of CAV technology, the user, and the legal and insurance landscape
  • How VENTURER supported the West of England by acting as a catalyst for growth and encouraging investment to the region.